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Survivors' Stories

Each year, on the morning of NAMIWalks NAMI Oklahoma hosts a Survivors' Memorial. The memorial is a special time of remembrance for those that have lost someone as a result of mental illness. The memorial is done by loss survivors for loss survivors. For the 2019 Survivor's Memorial a few of our NAMI Oklahoma members share their story of losing their child as the result of mental illness. These courageous survivors are active NAMI members and are passionate about helping other families affected by mental illness. 

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Susan Kopta &

daughter Alexis

My daughter, Alexis, lived passionately until shortly after diagnosis of Bipolar I with Rapid Cycling. Out of mental and physical energy, overwhelmed, disconnected from peers and mentors she veered way off course from the life she knew. She was just weeks from college graduation. Her bipolar impulsiveness and recklessness while driving combined with feeling “she was done” lead to her death at age 22. In life, Alexis was a passionate advocate. That inspires me to now become a mental health advocate.

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Jackie Mashore & daughter Jenny

My daughter lived bravely with borderline personality disorder, BPD, her entire life.  Mental illness affects the whole body and individuals with an illness live 25 years less than average. Jenny’s illness took its toll and she lost her long battle with BPD in March of this year, at only 39 years old.  She had found happiness with a loving husband and she raised two exceptional and beautiful daughters.  Of the many ways in which we feel her absence, her laughter and generous heart will not be forgotten.