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Sharing Hope

Lack of information surrounding mental health issues can prevent people in Black communities from getting the help and support they need. Sharing hope is a three-part video series that explores the journey of mental wellness in Black communities through dialogue, storytelling and a guided discussion on the following topics:

Sharing Hope Trailer


Youth & Mental Wellness |"How Do You Heal?"

Watch this 10 minute conversation between two young adults- Saniyah and Bernice as they discuss trauma, emotions, and mental health during the tumultuous year of 2020. 



Community Leaders & Mental Wellness | "The Art of Healing"

In early 2021, NAMI invited a licensed therapist, a pastor, and a behavioral health specialist to sit down for a virtual conversation about mental health in the black community. 


Black Families & Mental Wellness | "Smiling On Our Journey"

This video shows three generations of black women as they sit down to discuss mental health, trauma, and their path to healing with each other as a family. 

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