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Coping with the Coronavirus in Oklahoma

Many people are worried about the coronavirus. NAMI Oklahoma’s top priority is the health and safety of our staff and their families, as well as the many people we serve and support. With a few COVID-19 cases emerging in Oklahoma, we expect things will evolve and we will keep you updated with any new information or decisions regarding closures or cancellations of classes or support groups.  Focusing on the known, it is essential that we all follow the basics:

  • Wash your hands, regularly and thoroughly

  • Cover your cough (with a tissue or by coughing into your sleeve/arm)

  • Try to use your sleeve or knuckles to open doors, turn on light switches, touch elevator buttons

  • Don’t shake hands – elbow bumps, fist bumps 

  • Don’t touch your face

  • Stay home when you are sick – if you have a fever or bad cough

Guidance for therapy sessions and prescribed medications:

  • If you are part of a group that is higher risk, ask your healthcare provider about tele-therapy or mental health services online vs. attending therapy sessions outside the home.

  • Ask your healthcare provider about getting 90-day supplies vs. a 60 or 30-day supply of medications. If this is not possible, refill your medications as soon as they are allowed. ***If healthcare providers deny/decline making accommodations, challenge the decisions at least three times. Decision-makers on making health plan adjustments may change if/as conditions worsen.***

  •  Listen to and follow your local public healthcare provider expectations.

Helpful articles:

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