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NAMI On Campus Clubs are student-led clubs that tackle mental health issues at high schools and on college campuses by raising mental health awareness, educating the community, supporting students, promoting services, and advocating for more support. These clubs are open to all students, whether they live with a

mental health condition, are a family member or friend, or have a general interest in mental health.

NAMI on Campus clubs aim to address the mental health needs of all students so they have

positive, successful and fun college experiences.

Nami on campus

Nearly three-quarters of mental health conditions emerge by age 24, so we need to make sure students are educated about mental health. Many students facing mental health concerns for the first time and may not know where to go for support, and their peers may not know the warning signs or how to help.

NAMI knows that some of the best support a student can receive is from peers. When students connect with one another, they can share common experiences and support each other through the transitions. NAMI on Campus helps make those connections happen.

NAMI on Campus clubs work to end the stigma that makes it hard for students to talk about mental health and get the help they need. Clubs hold creative meetings, hold innovative awareness events, and offer signature NAMI programs through partnerships with NAMI Oklahoma and affiliates.

NAMI on Campus clubs are student-led, student-run mental health organizations on college campuses.


NAMI on Campus clubs:

  • Raise mental health awareness with fairs, walks and candlelit vigils.

  • Educate the campus with presentations, guest speakers and student panels.

  • Advocate for improved mental health services and policies on campus.

  • Support peers with signature NAMI programs and training from NAMI State Organizations and Affiliates.


As a member of a NAMI on Campus club, you will belong to the largest grassroots mental health organization in America. Club leaders have access to the staff, resources, opportunities and support that comes with being part of this national movement, including opportunities beyond your college years.

Ready to make a lasting impact on your campus?
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