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NAMI’s education programs are guided by the following principles

Mental health and wellness are...

•        Possible for anyone 

•        An integral part of our overall health 

NAMI programs... 

•        Inspire hope through shared stories of recovery and resiliency

•        Are led by peers, people with similar life experience

•        Provide a sense of community 

•        Provide current information about mental health conditions and treatment options 

•        Teach communication and problem-solving skills 

•        Promote resilience, self-care and self-advocacy 

•        Value the unique perspective of each participant

•        Promote inclusion

Recovery is...

•        Defined differently by each person 

•        Guided by individual priorities and goals 

•        Strengthened when pursued early in life 

•        Enhanced by support from people with similar life experiences

Shared qualities of NAMI national education programs...

•        It’s not necessary for a formal diagnosis to have been made for a person, or their family members, to participate in and benefit from a NAMI program

•        All programs are free to program participants

•        Programs are peer-led, meaning the people leading the program share important life experiences with the participants and speak from the perspective of an equal 

•        NAMI national education programs use a “train the trainer” model. Trainers for the programs complete an intensive training to receive certification. They then train new peer leaders to offer programs in their communities. 

•        The program leaders are screened and trained intensively for their role

•        The programs are built around standardized manuals so that information is presented accurately and in a structured way