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“Social distancing and current guidance for public health best practices in response to COVID-19 have made for less in-person contact at this time. Mental health is also important and we recognize that anxiety may be more present in daily life during this critical period. Online resources, including support groups, are available through our website and we encourage all Oklahomans to check in with family members and friends. 


If you are seeking mental health services, we recommend calling 211 or contacting the nearest Community Mental Health Center to find local services. You can also call Reach-Out at 800-522-9054 for individuals in

crisis or if you are in need of information. 

Unity and support are characteristics of the Oklahoma Standard that we're already seeing at work in our communities. We look forward to seeing you in person as soon as possible.


            - James Bost, executive director

nami Oklahoma COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide

Center for Disease Control and Prevention 

The latest information from the CDC including guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19


Oklahoma State Department of Health

The latest from the state public health agency


NAMI Updates on Coronavirus 

Updates and resource guide from NAMI


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