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Social distancing, Shelter-in-Place orders, temporary workplace pauses: the public health response to COVID-19 has made social isolation a reality now more than ever for many people in our community.



NAMI Oklahoma’s Chain of Love Challenge encourages participants to reach out to others, check in with a quick conversation and inspire the person you’ve contacted to continue a chain of communication. 


We’re all in this together, even when together feels farther apart than ever. 


Whether it’s by phone, letter, email or text message, you can brighten someone’s day and start something positive. Community efforts are possible from the comfort and safety of home. 


Set a goal for yourself to reach out to someone once a day or on a particular day of the week with these four easy steps!


  1. Decide who to reach out to today. Reach out to a few friends, neighbors or family members by phone call, text, letter, email or direct message.

  2. Keep the message light. Hearing news reports throughout the day, receiving related text notifications and being even vaguely aware of public health and economic issues can leave audiences feeling overwhelmed. Take a break from current events and steer the conversation to hobbies, personal interests or even movie recommendations. 

    • If you’re not sure what to say, you can start with “Hey, I’m doing NAMI Oklahoma’s Chain of Love Challenge and it’s all about checking in with people just to see how they’re doing lately. You’ve been on my mind and I just wanted to reach out.”  

    • It’s okay to listen more than you talk or keep your email short.

    • End your message or conversation with an invitation to participate. 

  3. Post on your social accounts that you completed the NAMI Oklahoma Chain of Love Challenge! 

    • Use the hashtags #NAMIOklahoma #ChainOfLoveChallenge.

    • Post the “I completed the NAMI Oklahoma Chain of Love Challenge” graphic below.

    • Add a temporary profile photo frame to your Facebook profile found here.

  4. Challenge your network. Tag three people to participate with this call to action in the caption, “I participated in the #NAMIOklahoma #ChainOfLoveChallenge and it’s all about checking in with people. I nominate @name1 @name2 and @name3 to check in with three people during this challenging time.”

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Seeing fewer friends, neighbors, extended family members and co-workers can leave us all feeling disconnected from a usual routine, factors that mental health experts identify as contributing to anxiety and depression.  

Who needs to hear from you

People of all ages experience isolation. Although social distancing may especially affect vulnerable populations like the elderly or immunocompromised people who should avoid crowds, it is not uncommon for children, teens and adults to also feel similar effects. 


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