Executive Director

Hours: Monday through Friday, some evenings and weekends

Must submit – Cover letter, resume and three references



The Executive Director provides direction and leadership toward the achievement of NAMI Oklahoma’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives.  The Executive Director is supervised by the Board of Directors.  The Executive Director works closely with the President, Executive Committee of the Board, and the Board of Directors.  It is the Executive Director’s responsibility to communicate directly with the Board on all key issues related to financials, budgets, contracts, personnel, and other operations essential to the success of the organization.  


The Executive Director is responsible for all of the essential functions of the organization.  This individual ensures the successful organizational operations of education, advocacy, and support on behalf of individuals with mental illness and their families.  The Executive Director will have responsibility for all facets of NAMI Oklahoma including but not limited to staffing, organizational development, financial performance, contracting, all business matters, and oversight of the development, execution, and expansion of NAMI Signature Programs.  The Executive Director is expected to ensure the organization is accessible and responsive to NAMI Oklahoma's member affiliates and to demonstrate leadership in those relationships.  The Executive Director represents NAMI Oklahoma in written communications and personal interactions on issues affecting our constituencies.  The Executive Director will ensure NAMI Oklahoma's voice is heard in the legislature and/or media on issues affecting people living with mental illness and their families.


Specific Responsibilities and Duties

  • Initiate and direct the development of comprehensive organizational  policies for Board approval

  • Review and recommend needed policy updates to the Board a minimum of one time per year

  • Report current administrative and program updates to the Board of Directors in periodic board meetings

  • Fully inform the Board on the condition of the organization and all important influential factors

  • Support the success of existing NAMI Oklahoma affiliates

  • Provide for outreach and the development of new affiliates and members in underserved Oklahoma communities

  • Develop and maintain effective working relationships with affiliates and employees

  • Recruit, hire, and retain an effective team of employees

  • Provide clear direction for NAMI Oklahoma staff members

  • Promote an environment that enhances employee motivation and satisfaction

  • Assure effective staff development practices are implemented including, but not limited to, annual reviews 

  • Ensure compliance with all  personnel policies as well as all applicable state and federal employment regulations

  • Ensure the NAMI Oklahoma fiscal policies and operations meet all applicable accounting standards

  • Assure the financial integrity of the organization with sound accounting and reporting practices

  • Develop an annual budget for review and approval by the Board

  • Ensure full compliance with all contracts, funding sources and regulatory requirements

  • In collaboration with the Board, develop and update annually a strategic plan that supports the mission and goals of NAMI Oklahoma

  • Schedule regular operational review meetings with the Board President or her designee

  • Maintain thorough records and documents to ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations

  • Build positive and collaborative relations with NAMI Oklahoma’s affiliates and members;

  • Make use of modern technologies, including the internet, to facilitate communications, services and programs;

  • Responsible for the overall public relations activities for NAMI Oklahoma

  • Plan and implement strategies to enhance current and develop new revenue sources

  • Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments related to mental illness and mental health issues especially as it concerns state legislation and Oklahoma policy

  • Maintain a responsive system to efficiently communicate with affiliates and members in a mutually beneficial manner

  • Serve as a primary representative for NAMI Oklahoma and communicates on behalf of the organization its mission, goals, policies, programs and positions to state agencies, legislative bodies, organizations, community groups, general public, and the media

  • Establish effective working relationships and cooperative arrangements with appropriate community groups, agencies, and organizations to advance NAMI Oklahoma 's mission

  • The Executive Director will attend and participate in NAMI National activities designed for state Executive Directors.  The Executive Director will represent NAMI Oklahoma 's interest with NAMI National and, as appropriate, communicate National's activities to the Board, employees, affiliate leadership, and members. 

  • Perform other duties as requested by the Board of Directors



  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university

  • Professional and/or personal knowledge of mental illness and its impact on families

  • Knowledge of the Oklahoma mental health system highly desirable

  • Residence within one-hour driving distance of Oklahoma City

  • Statewide travel required.  Must have reliable transportation

  • Must maintain valid Oklahoma driver’s license.  Must maintain current automobile liability insurance

  • Professional dress and conduct



  • Leadership of a multi-disciplinary team

  • Managing budgets of at least $500,000.00

  • Program development and history of successfully funded grant applications

  • Experience in coalition building, advocacy, and membership development preferred

  • Knowledge and experience with mental health programs and advocacy in diverse geographic, ethnic, and cultural settings.

  • Knowledge of internet technologies to enhance organizational efficiencies beneficial

  • Previous work with/for non-profit board of directors beneficial


Work Environment

  • Must be able to communicate effectively in English.  Must be able to move about freely and sit for extended periods.   

  • Must demonstrate proficiency in word processing software and general computer skills.

  • Maintain professional appearance and attire anytime representing NAMI Oklahoma.   

  • Maintain confidentiality, security and integrity of confidential data and information according to privacy regulations, including HIPAA.

  • Effectively present information and respond to questions from constituents, staff, board members, customers and the general public.

  • Work from time to time may be in setting with some exposure to communicable diseases. Employee is expected to adhere to universal precautions, safety standards, including appropriate vaccinations, to mitigate risk of exposure.


Pay: $60,000.00 - $70,000.00 per year


Must submit – Cover letter, resume and three references to hr@namioklahoma.org


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