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NAMI Oklahoma's

2018 Annual Award Recipients

Achievement Award

To recognize a person with a mental health condition for his or her service, courage and leadership on behalf of people with mental illness

Awarded to: Nadine Lewis

Nadine is a champion for NAMI in Oklahoma.  Nadine’s passion for serving those with a mental health condition is evident in the variety of ways she volunteers with NAMI.  Nadine leads a Connections Support Group.  She regularly shares her story during In Our Own Voice presentations.  She is also a State Trainer in both programs.  She is an active member of the NAMI Oklahoma Board of Directors co-chairing the Governance Committee.  All of this without mentioning her support of Veteran’s mental health.  Nadine was elected as the chair of NAMI National’s Service Members, Veterans and their Families Council at the 2018 NAMI National Convention.  Nadine attends a slew of veteran’s mental health meetings throughout the State.  Nadine’s achievements are numerous and impressive but it’s here genuine dedication to NAMI’s mission that makes her special.  Nadine can always be counted on and her reliability and knowledge are valued and appreciated by NAMI Oklahoma staff but more importantly by those seeking hope in our community.

Pictured: Brandon Pettit (Executive Director of NAMI OK), Nadine Lewis. Reggie Hines (NAMI Oklahoma Board President)

Volunteer Service Award

NAMI Oklahoma Volunteer Service Award —To recognize achievement or long and distinguished service in the meeting of NAMI Oklahoma’s goals of service, education, advocacy & research.

Awarded to: Ruth Mojica

Ruth is the leader of her affiliate and has worked tirelessly with NAMI Cleveland County to support individuals and families in her community. She also uses this role to encourage other individuals to be involved in their community and fulfill the mission of NAMI OK. When provided with the opportunity, Ruth participates in various events in her community to share the ways in which NAMI can provide support, education and advocacy.

Ruth has repeatedly taught the Family to Family Class and faithfully facilitates a Family Support Group. She is diligent to find resources and give ongoing support for those individuals that need support for their loved ones living with a mental health condition.

Ruth also has supported the Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) for law enforcement. She has participated in the training for the CIT program both locally and at various places across the state.

Ruth’s greatest passion is teaching the Smarts for Advocacy which teaches individuals how to tell their story related to mental health in a short and concise way. Her energy and passion shines as she teaches the modules of how to advocate for loved ones living with a mental health condition. Ruth has taught Smarts for Advocacy both locally and in other places throughout the state.

Ruth’s work at NAMI Cleveland County clearly shows her passion for helping and supporting those individuals and families dealing with mental health conditions.

Pictured: Brandon Pettit (Executive Director of NAMI OK), Ruth Mojica (NAMI Cleveland County President), Reggie Hines (NAMI Oklahoma Board President)

Affiliate of the Year Award

Recognizes a local NAMI affiliate ‘s outstanding achievement in the area of service, advocacy, education, or other venues. This award will reflect one or more of the following areas: membership, Walk contributions, program activity, community outreach, and organizational development. Program activity references all of the NAMI signature education and peer support programs, as well as other local program activity focused on peer support, education and advocacy, including but not limited to Mental Illness Awareness Week / Month, legislative advocacy, and collaboration with community agencies and organizations, including law enforcement agencies.

Awarded to: NAMI Edmond North OKC

NAMI Edmond-North OKC has been in existence since 1985 and was consistently holding a support group at Crossings Community Church.  In 2012, this affiliate began to grow to meet the demands of the public for education and support.  Volunteers were trained as Family Support Facilitators and Family to Family instructors.  This is an on-going process.  One of the newest teachers of F2F is presently actively teaching!  In recent years, this affiliate has offered 2-3 Family to Family classes per year, has two active Family Support groups and one faith-based group.  The advocacy activities of this affiliate range from contacting and working with state law makers (on a regular basis), to entering a float in the Liberty Fest Parade (approx. 50,000 attending) and presenting a concert (over 200 attended this year) during MIAW.  The affiliate has partnered with Edmond Family Counseling and will present a series of Lunch and Learn sessions for staff members of the Edmond churches.  The affiliate also provides gift cards from McDonalds and Braums to the Edmond PD for distribution to local homeless and sponsors a quarterly “party” for members of the Lottie House.  The affiliate also presents a monthly “continuing education” program called EdTalks which covers many different topics.

The affiliate has an active membership that hovers around 90-100 and 30% of that membership are actively involved in the workings of the affiliate. 

Pictured: Brandon Pettit (Executive Director of NAMI OK), Eileen Morefield (NAMI Edmond N OKC President), Reggie Hines (NAMI Oklahoma Board President)